Side Projects

Sublime Text Icon

A typical day for me is a mix of writing documents, working on visuals, and coding. Sublime Text is my tool of choice for the latter - but I've always had a problem with their app icon.

When I 'alt+tab' or '⌘+tab' between windows (good testing means cross-OS as well as cross-browser), I could never instinctively find the Sublime Text icon. The 'S' image it uses didn't sit with how I saw the utility of the app; so I made my own.



I wanted a simple, flat image that mapped to the subconscious associations I made when seeking the code editor on my computer. Once I was happy with it, I put it up on Dribbble to share and open sourced my config files so others could replicate and adapt my setup to their liking, as I had done.


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Gmail Plain Text

I'm a big believer in "show, don't tell" where possible in discussions around simple interactions. I'm always baffled when I see unsolicited design projects, where the glossy interfaces portrayed defy all usability considerations and real-world user needs. Far more interesting and valuable are (un)solicited redesign prototypes, where the concept is at least partially executed - that way the improvements and failings can found and measured in real scenarios.

A recent example was 1910's wonderful concept for "A More Typographic Approach to Email" - a look at enforcing some rudimentary typography improvements upon the conventional plain text email, via the native email client:

A More Typographic Approach to Email

This one irked me a bit, because all of their beautiful work in type choice, vertical rhythm and column spacing was actually easily executable and useful. I decided to go ahead and apply it to my email client - Gmail.

You can try it out on the Gmail UI in your browser by installing it as a userstyle: install Gmail Plain Text style (requires the 'Stylish' plugin)

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Last year, my wife and I moved to California and tied the knot. Amid helping to plan these life-changing events, I made sure to seize the moment and design elaborate web and print elements for all the main interactions we would have with our friends and family.


Our theme was based around a cheery California Arts & Crafts palette (pistachio and poppy), incorporating hand lettering, floral elements and some simple custom icons I made for the different sections and card pieces.

Guest RSVPs were incorporated into the website, via a fold-out card form panel, styled and animated to fit the physical print materials we mailed out.