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Interaction Design at X Communications

I spent three years in Dublin working as an Interaction Designer for "X Comms", one of Ireland's leading digital agencies. In this small, 10-person agency I was involved in a broad array of web and mobile projects, as well as interactive media projects.

During this time, the web was transitioning quickly around us. Progressive enhancement, rigorous testing and bizarre browser bugs were part of everyday life. Advances in web typography, newer interaction techniques and the advent of responsive design were studied and incorporated into our work as the reign of IE6 came to an end and the mobile web rose.

I spent two years cutting my teeth under the mentorship of Stewart Curry; design director of the agency, before progressing to take the lead on projects. I oversaw all aspects of the design process on my projects; from initial client interactions through design, coding, launch and ongoing enhancements.


Fota House


Fota House is a brochure site for a heritage trust landmark in the south of ireland, with ecommerce features. My work involved meetings with the client, outlining the project, carrying out research, wireframing, visual design, front-end coding and liaising with developers through the build.

Visit fotahouse.com

(site may have changed since my involvement)


Davy Select UI


Davy Select is an online investment platform which allows customers to manage and monitor their assets and pension funds.

X Communications partnered with Davy to design and code the front-end of the platform, in collaboration with their own team of in-house software engineers. I spent two years working on and off with the project, initially as part of a two man team where I worked alongside the creative director, wireframing, designing and eventually coding front-end templates.

Mid-way through the project, I took over as design lead and worked on designing and building key parts of the marketing site for the platform. Post launch, I worked with the Davy team to gather and assess feedback, which led to content improvements and work to simplify the signup flow.

Template of UI sections:

Marketing site details:




Visit davyselect.ie

(site may have changed since my involvement)


National Learning Network (NLN)


NLN came to us seeking a redesign of their site, which had become dated and had a variety of UX and usability issues. They were seeking a bright, personable reimagining of their brand which had traditionally used dull hues of green and purple (you can find the previous version archived here).

An additional goal for the project was for the resulting site to meet all AAA WCAG requirements to ensure maximum accessibility, as NLN often provide rehab and training services to people with visual impairments and other disabilities. Color contrast, motion and legibility had to be strictly controlled while striving for a brighter, more modern look.

Visit nln.ie

(site may have changed since my involvement)

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